Pacific 8ft x 4mm Hydraulic Panbrake

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Pacific 8ft x 4mm Hydraulic Panbrake
• 4mm x 2450mm (8ft)
• Hydraulic Clamp and unclamp from foot switch.
• Final Clamping is limited to 10mm increments for safety
• Fingers are high carbon steel, Apron blade high carbon tensile steel 20mm and segmented both are hardened and ground for repeat accuracy.
• 24 Volt to foot switch. Overload protected
• Clamping provided by 2 rams, oil delivered through steel pipes. Hydraulic clamping of top beam with 13 individual segmented finger clamps.
• Unclamp is controlled, to allow the operator to regulate the open height.
• Apron bed is segmented 11 individual adjustable segments for return fold down of 50mm suitable for splash backs & TDF etc.
• Automatic and manual control. In auto cycle after clamping start auto apron will come up to angle programmed, apron will return and the head will unclamp by foot pedal control
• Safety trap bar on apron
• Motor 5.5Kw
• Length – 3.5 metres
• Width – 1 metre
• Height – 1.5 metres
• Weight – 3ton

Hydraulically operated bending and clamping beam for efficient heavy duty operation

High structural rigidity from heavy plate steel box construction with continuous welded seams

Bending beam powered by dual hydraulic cylinders.

Fully integrated and enclosed electric/hydraulic system with large oil reservoir to maintain low oil temperature.

Powerful hydraulic pump provides rapid operation with timer for bend angle

High load capacity dual spherical plane bearings utilized at bending beam pivots and over-center clamp     bearings

Precise electric/hydraulic controls with manual inching of bending beam

Comprehensive equipment protection from electric and hydraulic overload systems


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